QueenAutiIndigoAngelDiva says …..

WP_000143Though I have been Changing every day for the last 50 years, my ultimate Dream and Life Goal will always be the same: To Become a Teacher so that no Child will ever have to grow up the way I Did. I want them to grow Up Better!

Today, June 7, 2013 …….

I Change every single day, because that is how each and every one of us is suppose to do. That is also why the way we are at Birth is the way we are at Death. In between is what Truly Matters. No One the Universe of Existence has the wRight to determine Who Lives and Who doesn’t deserve Life. No ONE is God because We Are ALL GOD.

So, this is Who I AM NOW……

“I Am seeking admissions at AU for the upcoming Fall 2013 semester as a fulltime student.

I am already scheduled to attend Transfer Admissions Day on June 20th. I attended a campus tour 2 weeks and absolutely love the campus and what I experienced.

I am a “career” student, where, if I am admitted, AU will be my 8th academic institution of higher learning. I went straight into college at 17 years old in 1981 at Hunter College. Over 30 years, 5 majors and 7 colleges/universities later, I am still trying to obtain an undergraduate degree.

My vision for my future: Autism Ambassador of the UN, operating the International Autism Foundation and University by 2023 with a PhD in Psychology and a JD in Law specializing in Civil Human Rights.

These are lofty goals, yes, though after you review my past professional and Adult Contributions to our Society, you’ll hopefully see what I know: my potential to be anything I want to be is real and probable, inspite of being Autistic.

I was completely non-verbal from birth until the 2nd grade, slated for an institution by age 4.

Here is an audio of a BlogTalkRadio show I co-hosted last night. I would say I’ve beaten the odds from my childhood:

“BTR – Let’s Talk Beyond the Label 5pm PST – global autistic community, Leonora Gregory Collura Anthonys Story, Naturally Autistic ANCA, ANCA Radio Shows, 2013 INAP awards Convention Festival”: http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/show/4/907/show_4907801.mp3

Due to medical events beyond my control, I am now, unfortunately, fully disabled, receiving social security disability benefits I paid into for 31 years, 1980-2008, because I was laid-off from the workforce after sporadic successes, for good in December 2008.

I am a little down, though definitely not out. I would love to continue striving towards achieving my academic goals in order to fulfill my childhood dream of making sure no Child ever has to grow up like I did.

I would love to go all the way at AU and I truly feel I can and will, as long as I have support. I can only be as successful as the support systems around me are and I want to help other Children and Adults be successful too, in every part of life.”

I AM ……. Patricia ā™„


Yesterday ………

By the time you read this, over 1.47 Million Americans and 1.47 Billion Children in the World, with Autism, Intellectual, Developmental and Physical Challenges, will be Suffering in Silence and Alone. I cannot allow this to happen any longer.

That is why, at the Age of 7, God gave me a Voice. I was non-verbal and mentally-retarded, from Birth to Age 7. God doesn’t make mistakes and God made me strong for a reason. I am not a child any longer and I can Speak for Myself, finally.

I spoke and gave testimony on Monday, June 13th, 2011 at the New York State Assembly in Albany for public hearings, in light of the NYTimes story on March 15, 2011 on the tragic, horrendous and fatal conditions in NYS-run facilities, which house our most vulnerable and precious members of OUR Society, People With Developmental Disabilities.

I am building a new Foundation in this Country for “Americans With Autism And Developmental Challenges (AWAADC)”.

I am extremely High-Functioning on the Autism Spectrum, today and today, I must be heard because I represent all those who cannot Speak, yet, or may never Speak, to be heard!

I need to become employed and engaged in Society again, so that I can continue paying for my college education, to be all the things I Dream of becoming: an Autism Psychologist, University Professor, Special Education Science Teacher, Community Educator, Advocate, Mediator, Family Law Activist and Spiritual Minister, for People on the Autism Spectrum, particularly the Children, so that I may help them Know and Believe that they too will have a future some day and will never have to grow up like I had to!

Who Am I? I Am Autism SPEAKING LOUDER Than Ever Before!

I would be honored and priviliged to have the President and Vice Presidents Time, even for just 15 minutes, in order to tell them about the wonderful future plans I have to help create a National Autism Foundation, which will not only help to secure the future of All People in America with Autism, Intellectual, Developmental and Physical Challenges, but will also greatfully and effectively aid and benefit their Family, Care-Givers, Friends, Neighbors, Teachers, Educators and Community Leaders.

I am attending Grand Canyon University online full time, and I need to graduate next year to fulfill my dreams, achieve my goals and live my destiny, which I believe is to help save 1.47 Million Adults in America and 1.47 Billion Children in the World, who are simply” Differently- Abled”, on the Autism Spectrum!

Please help me achieve these Awesome Dreams and Goals, so I can help others achieve theirs too!

I am Asking for Your help because I Believe God wants Us to Achieve Together and I Beleive We CAN! This is My Calling!

Thank You!
God Bless
Me šŸ™‚

I AM Autistic šŸ™‚ ….. Patricia Elaine (Rose) Chandler ā™„


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